Summertime Wedding at Drumore Estate

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and declare that first looks are my favorite part of a wedding day. I don’t care if the first look is pre-wedding or when the bride is coming down the aisle- it really doesn’t matter to me. But in 16 years of shooting weddings, I’ve found those moments to be the ones that are most packed with emotion and excitement. And make no mistake, it doesn’t have to just be the couple. It can be the bride and her dad, groom and his mom, bride and her brother(s) or when the bridesmaids see her for the first time. I love capturing the big reveal for two main reasons; one is kind of selfish and the other isn’t. I’ll get the selfish reason out of the way. I kind of like being there live to experience a moment that is for all intents and purposes a private moment between the couple. It’s not that I think that I’m participating in any way, but more so that I’m there to capture it for them to enjoy forever. That moment is going to fly by and if they don’t take time to really process it, it can become a distant memory. The other reason I love them is because it’s about as raw as it gets on a wedding day. If emotions are going to be present, it’s happening here. Look, there are a dozen logistical reasons why it “makes sense” to have a first look prior to the ceremony. If you are considering it, I’d be happy to connect and share the pros and cons, but from a pure photography standpoint, it doesn’t get much better.

Why did I just bring that up? We’ll at Justin and Jule’s summertime wedding at Drumore Estate, there were at least four different first looks- And I loved every second of it. You’ll see them below. Following the trend of my last post, I’m not going to bore you with random details from the flow of the day. I will say this though- Justin and Jule know how to throw a party. They and their friends and family know how to party. And finally, I loved every second of this wedding and would add it to my long list of weddings that I’d love to hit the rewind button and do all over again.

Want to see why? Just check out the images below.
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