Wedding at Drumore Estate in the Summer | Lancaster Photographers

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I just got a notification this morning from my wedding album company informing me that Justin and Abby’s wedding album was delivered. I stopped what I was doing and decided to blog their amazing day that took place at Drumore Estate earlier in the summer. I’ve become increasingly bad at blogging in a reasonable amount of time, but my goal is to get all of the weddings I’ve been shooting lately up on the blog so that you can see some of our recent work! So, Justin and Abby had a wonderful wedding at Drumore Estate a while back. I met up with Abby and the ladies in the morning for prep and Mike joined Justin and the guys. For so many years, I’ve gone through the complete flow of each wedding day, but real talk, the flow really doesn’t change. The couple gets ready- Sometimes with a wedding party- Sometimes without. They either have a first look or they don’t. The ceremony happens and they make it official. Then everyone parties. You know this flow. I know this flow. The format doesn’t really change. Here is what does change though- Each and every couple is completely different. They have their own story, personality, interests, goals, and people in their lives who they care about. When I look back at images from weddings I’ve shot, I’m seeing the things that really matter; the people that matter. Sure, having a beautiful cake is great, and the decor absolutely adds to the beauty of the day, but if we’re being honest, how many of us would trade all of those things to have that one person there that passed away? It’s the people, relationships, and personality that I’m truly there to capture. Justin, Abby, their friends, and family: Preserving this day for them is what it’s all about. Giving them images to relive this special day is what is so special about this “job” I have. Wedding shoes Wedding Jewelry Wedding dress flower girl getting ready Bridal prep Bride getting dressed bridal portrait at drumore estate bridal party with champagne guys hanging out groom prep groomsmen cheering letter to the groom first look at drumore estate full wedding party ring bearer flipping someone off bride and bridesmaids groom being tossed in the airwedding party walking bride and groom portraits at drumore estate wedding ceremony at drumore estate night shots at drumore estate drumore estate night shots dancing at the carriage house at drumore People dancing at drumore estate