A Day In The Life Of US | Enjoying The “Slow” Season

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February is the one month of the year where we are “caught up” from the previous year’s weddings. It is a time for our family to relax and enjoy life together. Sure, we plan times throughout the year to go on vacation, and spend time with each other, but February is where it’s at. We are considering moving at some point within the next year. We have outgrown our house in a lot of ways, and as the business has grown, we are in need of some more space. We are very excited about that process and will keep you posted on that. The reason I bring that up is that Christelle wanted to snap a few shots of our family going through a typical day. Of course ALL of these things don’t happen EVERY day, but let me tell you, there is never a dull moment here. We don’t often post personal stories and such, but thought that this would be a good time to give you a better idea of who we are. I hope you enjoy!The other day, we got some nice heavy snow, which of course means making a snowman. We had fun- the snowman on the other hand got pelted with the ice storm we got a day later.A lot of our mornings start with the kids waking us up at some ridiculous hour. They then jump on our bed and harass us as we try to get a little more shut eye. We normally fall back asleep and wake to a bed full of crumbs from their morning snack.Utley is our dog. His middle name is trouble and he is always scheming. Sometimes he is in search of the elusive peanut butter jar. Other times, he is jumping the fence to go play with the dogs next door.This is our neighbor Julie. We spend a lot of time chatting in the Summertime, and the kids are always asking her for popsicles.Tristan is a super hero. Enough said.
I put a deadbolt on my office door. I had to. These kids would come in during the day and completely distract me. No work would be done without it. Well, they found a solution for the deadbolt.Super hero- Like I said.These two are trouble. The have an obsession with playing in the sink in the bathroom. Snack time- “Ive been caught egg handed”Yep, this happens…. daily.I love to be in the kitchen cooking, baking, and anything else that involves food (specifically eating the food). Elyse is my little helper. She always pulls up a stool and “helps”. I just have to train her to be able to actually make the food.
Christelle and I are signed off to be foster parents. Our ultimate goal is to adopt at some point, but right now, it’s a waiting game. Of course we cannot talk about the foster care once we have a placement, but we are very excited to bless a child in need when the time comes. A very “traditional” family pictureGetting ready for bed often time leads to wresting matches on the floor- kids Vs. dad. At a certain point, I give up.Which then leads to story time. This is the time of night when Christelle and I see the light at the end of the tunnel for some peace and quiet. We try to have a mini date night several times a week. Watching a movie, talking, drinking a glass of wine, or whatever else we decide to do.

We are looking forward to our best wedding season to date, but are enjoying this time of year and remembering what it’s all about.