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Engagement Session

Andy loves hockey, Hannah loves Andy, so a hockey themed engagement session only made sense for these two. Andy pulled a few strings, and made it work for us to do their engagement session at the old Hershey Bears Arena. It was the first time I ever laid down flat on the ice for several minutes- an experience to say the least. We had a lot of fun there though getting some great shots. We then headed over the the Milton Hershey School for some outdoor shots. Andy and Hannah are great and I am looking forward to their wedding next year! Keep your eyes peeled!Hockey Themed Engagement SessionHershey Engagement SessionHershey Engagement SessionHockey Themed Engagement SessionHockey Themed Engagement SessionHershey Wedding PhotographerHershey Wedding PhotographerHershey Wedding PhotographerHershey Engagement PhotographerHershey Engagement PhotographerHershey Engagement PhotographerIf you are interested in having a themed engagement session, or would like more information on Nathan Desch Photography, contact us HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.